Permits & Construction Standards : Permits


The following information is provided to assist individuals and companies performing any type of plumbing work within Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District (BCMUD). The BCMUD has jurisdiction of water, wastewater, and storm drains. If any water, wastewater or gas line is altered, removed or installed the District asks a permit be requested.  

Prior to performing any plumbing work, all applicable permit applications must be submitted by a registered plumber with current information on file with the District. The plumber is responsible for ensuring all required inspections are scheduled with the inspector and passed by the District. All fees remaining at the end of the job will be assigned to the plumber. Should any work require access through District property, a Permit Application for Trail and Easement Access must be completed.

Please carefully review the District’s Sewer Line Backup Policy in the attached “Know your Sewer Line” brochure and be aware that on a single service, the homeowner’s responsibility starts at the main and on a dual service, the homeowner’s responsibility starts after the wye. District staff cannot perform work on private property. For more information or questions please email Public Works Admin or review Permit FAQ's


Effective as of June 1, 2022 the District Fees have increased.

Please use an updated application.