Brushy Creek Parks : Pave-a-Path to our New Entrance

Memorial Programs

  • Pave-a-Path Engraved Bricks and Pavers

  • Memorial Trees, Benches, and Fountains

Give a permanent gift that your loved one will enjoy for years to come!  Celebrate a graduation or wedding anniversary or add a special message to your family.  The Pave-a-Path Program has bricks and pavers leading up to the new entrance of the Community Center available for engraving.  Proceeds benefit the Community Center. 

4" x 8" Brick            $50
6" x12" Paver         $75
Memorial Tree     $550
Bench                    $800
Fountain            $3,500 

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Become a path 
to the future!

Purchase a brick or paver
to pave the way
to our new entrance!


For more information about the District’s Memorial Program please contact: 
Sue Retter
(512) 255‐ 7871 x 203