Permits & Construction Standards : Easement & Infrastructure Crossing Standards

EASEMENT and Infrastructure CROSSING standards

Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District (BCMUD) has prepared Easement and Infrastructure Crossing Standards to set forth the applicable criteria that should be followed by developers, landowners, utilities and any other persons or entities that intend to construct surface or subsurface improvements or utilities within BCMUD easements.  Any person or entity that proposes to construct improvements within or across BCMUD easements is encouraged to contact the District to discuss the proposed project, secure any required approvals, and to avoid potential delays and conflicts that might otherwise occur if the project is not coordinated with BCMUD and impairs BCMUD’s easement rights.  The purpose of BCMUD’s Crossing Standards is to provide the public general information that allows construction of a project to proceed in a manner that does not compromise critical water facilities and the provision of service to District customers

BCMUD provides retail water service to approximately 20,000 residents and commercial customers within the boundaries of BCMUD. The primary source of the water supply for BCMUD comes from Lake Georgetown, which is transported to the District via a raw water line owned and operated by BCMUD and generally located within easements. In addition, the District has an existing raw water line along Sam Bass to transport raw water from BCMUD wells to the BCMUD water plant. Protecting BCMUD’s water improvements is crucial in providing reliable water for BCMUD residents.  BCMUD’s Crossing Standards are intended to protect the District’s critical water infrastructure assets and to ensure the continued availability of water service for the public.

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