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1/31/2017 - Work Trucks in the Area

Have you noticed more work trucks in the area lately?

The BCMUD staff stays very busy maintaining the 2,210 acres in the District. The methods that are employed follow strict guidelines and include those set out for protected land and endangered species. You will often see the BCMUD white trucks as well as contractor vehicles in the area.

Fire Ant Control at Cave Entrances

 There is an underground network of limestone caves in the Brushy Creek MUD. The Brushy Creek caves are home to a variety of rare insects and some are on the federal endangered species list. The District is required to protect cave habitats and follows a Karst Preserve Management Plan. Trained staff monitor the area and protect the caves from fire ant infestations. District trucks are in the area with heated water power sprayers extinguishing fire ant mounds close to cave entrances.

Weed Control on Walking Trails

The Brushy Creek community has walking trails located throughout the area for residents to enjoy a nice stroll or get some exercise. The landscape areas are regularly maintained by EcoSystems who keeps the walking trail areas free from weeds and grass overgrowth by seasonally spraying pre-emergent herbicide.

Sewer Inspection Program

The Brushy Creek MUD is connected to the Edwards Aquifer and we are required to follow additional state guidelines to protect the water quality in the aquifer. The District hires a contractor that uses a remote video camera system to check the sewer lines for any possible leaks. This process must be recorded on video and then sent to an engineering firm for verification. Currently, All Points Inspection white vans are in the area with video equipment going into District sewer lines. To make sure a video camera can get down into the sewer lines, BCMUD staff uses “jetting” equipment with high pressure water pumped into the lines to clear out any debris.

If you see anything unusual or would like more information, please contact Customer Service at (512) 255-7871.

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