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2/18/2010 - TOWN HALL MEETING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



The District is holding an important Town Hall meeting on February 18 at 7PM to get resident feedback on two very important issues; Sheriff's Patrol by Williamson County Sheriff's Department and the District’s Water Conservation Plan.


The District is working with Williamson County on an agreement to increase Sheriff's Patrols and we need your feedback on police issues you see facing the Community that can be addressed in the agreement. Williamson County Sheriff Wilson and County Sheriff's Deputies will attend the meeting to hear feedback from you.


Last summer the District and the Central Texas area experienced the worst drought in decades. In response, we are proposing changes to the drought plan based on what was learned from the event. We will present a new draft of the drought contingency plan and would like to hear your feedback at the meeting.


Please mark your calendar for February 18 at 7PM and plan to attend this important Town Hall meeting at the Brushy Creek Community Center.  

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