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4/17/2015 - Law Enforcement Services in the Brushy Creek Community

Law Enforcement Services in the Brushy Creek Community

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing public safety services to all residents of Williamson County, including the residents of Brushy Creek MUD. The District does not employ any police, deputies or law enforcement officers. Any resident of the District requiring law enforcement services should call “911” (in the event of an emergency) or otherwise contact the Sheriff’s Office at (512) 943-1300 (for non-emergencies).

The District previously contracted with Williamson County for additional law enforcement and patrol services. Under this contract, the District would provide payment to the County for the costs incurred by the Sheriff’s Office in providing the additional services to the community. The County has discontinued this form of contract, and the District may no longer pay the County for additional law enforcement services. The new form of contract offered by the County would require the District to lease a Sheriff patrol vehicle and retain and compensate off-duty officers directly. For numerous reasons, including potential liability, the District has elected not to contract for additional services under the new contract.

In summary, the old form of contract that allowed the District to compensate the County for providing additional law enforcement services in Brushy Creek is no longer available.

Any residents, businesses or homeowners associations that desire additional law enforcement services for events, additional neighborhood patrols or other reasons should contact the Sheriff’s office directly at the number set forth above. Any person, business, or association may contract with the Sheriff for additional services, similar to those available and utilized by the District for its public functions and events.


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