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10/25/2021 - Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

The following items plus other District business will be discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting on October 28, 2021. For more information view our Public Meeting Web Portal.

Discuss Modification of Emergency Policies, Procedures, and Restrictions related to COVID-19
Discuss Williamson Country Road, Municipality Utility Improvements
Discuss Parks, Pools, and Facility Maintenance Metrics
Discuss Scout Service Projects
Discuss Camp Program Registration Fee Refund policy
Discuss Adult Program Specialist and Adult/Youth League Specialist job descriptions
Discuss April thru September Recreation catalog offerings
Discuss purchase of supplies for rental kitchen
Discuss Snowball Dance
Discuss Fitness Fling
Discuss District Events
Discuss Candy Cane Swim and Polar Bear Plunge events
Discuss District Projects
Discuss Southern Cross Trail Pond Project
Discuss Engineering Services
Discuss August 2021 Monthly Financials
Discuss monthly operation expenses
Discuss Technology Information Matters
Discuss Personnel Matters
Discuss Texas Disposal Systems consumer price index adjustments for solid waste and recycling services
Discuss sidewalk on Sharpstone Trail
Discuss General Managers Annual Performance review
Discuss Goals, Performance, Expectations, and Duties of the General Manager
Discuss meeting schedule and agenda items

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