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2/11/2013 - FY2013 Tree Replacement Program

Tree Replacement Program

The Board has approved for the FY2013 tree planting program the replacement of the trees lost from drought and storm damage at Cat Hollow and Racine Woods Parks.

Cat Hollow Park is in need of re-forestation of the urban trees lost in this park during the drought and from storm damage.  There are many trees that may also expire over the next several years as mortality of trees continues in Central Texas from the extreme drought effects last year.  24 trees are proposed and placement of these trees corresponds to the areas where trees have been lost in the park. 

Click HERE to see the tree replacement plan at Cat Hollow Park.

Racine Woods Park  has lost several large trees in the past several years due to impacts from the drought.  Due to the small size of the park, staff recommends planting eight trees in the Park.

Click HERE to see the tree replacement plan at Racine Woods Park.


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