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10/17/2012 - Intersection Overlay Project Begins October 17

Intersection Overlay Project Begins October 17

Williamson County Road and Bridge Division will begin an intersection paving project in the Fern Bluff MUD, Brushy Creek MUD, and Great Oaks neighborhoods this week.  Select major intersections will receive a hot mix pavement overlay due to their high traffic volumes.

Initial milling work will begin on Wednesday, October 17.  At multi-lane intersections such as O'Connor Drive and Great Oaks Drive, one lane of traffic will be open in each direction, and at single lane intersections, only one lane of traffic will be available at a time.  Paving operations will begin on Monday, October 22.  Operations should be completed by Monday, October 29, depending on weather.  Striping will begin approximately one week later.

Intersections that will receive the hot mix paving overlay are:

  • Great Oaks Drive and O'Connor Drive
  • Great Oaks Drive and Brightwater Blvd.
  • Great Oaks Drive and Oak Meadow
  • Great Oaks Drive and Hillside
  • Oak Meadow and Pin Oak
  • Pin Oak and Great Oaks Drive
  • O'Connor Drive and Pocono
  • O'Connor Drive and Morgan Hill

To view a map of these intersections, click HERE.
For more information, call 943-3330 or visit the Williamson County website at www.wilco.org/roads.


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