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5/30/2013 - Board of Directors Vacancy

The District has a vacancy on its Board of Directors and is soliciting resumes of citizens interested in serving.  The Place 4 Director position was vacated on May 30th and the District's  Board will be appointing a person to serve until November 2016 at which time the position is up for election.

To be qualified to serve as a Director a person must be at least 18 years old, a resident citizen of the State of Texas, and either own land subject to taxation in the District or be a qualified voter within the District.  There are also certain disqualifications governing relationships to developers in the District or current Board members.  If you have any questions about those disqualifications, contact Margie Anthes at the email address or telephone number below. 

If you are interested in this position, send a resume or letter of interest to Margie Anthes, Deputy Secretary to the Board of Directors at m.anthes@bcmud.org, fax to 512-255-0332 or call 512-255-7871, extension 217. Letters must be received no later than 5pm June 19, 2013. 

The Board will interview candidates at the June 27, 2013 Board Meeting.


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