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12/4/2023 - Texas Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

Dear Brushy Creek residents:

As part of our annual Texas Arbor Day giveaway, we are inviting District residents to come down to the Community Center, 16318 Great Oaks Drive, and pick up one or more free trees starting Saturday, Dec. 9 at 7 a.m. The giveaway will last until the trees run out.

Inventory will include Arizona Cypress, Live Oak, and Texas Elm trees.

Arizona Cypress: Despite its handle, this evergreen tree is native to Texas and typically grows 30’-50’ in height and spans an average of 10’-20’ in width. It has a high heat tolerance and a low water requirement.

Texas Elm: Also called the Cedar Elm, this tree is the most common elm varietal in Texas. It can grow up to 75’ and have a 2’-3’ diameter trunk. It is widely used as a landscape tree.

Live Oak: This tree varietal typically reaches up to 50’ in height, and it is not uncommon for its trunk to achieve 4’ or more in diameter. In open settings, its large, twisting limbs can spread out to 100’ and even reach the ground.  

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