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Notice of Permanent Termination of Fluoridation

Sept. 1, 2023

Dear Brushy Creek MUD residents,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to officially notify you that our public water system Brushy Creek MUD, PWS ID 2460061, is permanently terminating fluoridation of drinking water. As stated in Title 30 Texas Administrative Code, Subchapter F, Section 290.122(j), public water systems that furnish water containing added fluoride may not permanently terminate fluoridation unless it provides written notice to persons served by the public water system at least 60 days prior to permanently terminating fluoridation in its water supply.

Fluoride addition will permanently terminate on: Dec. 1, 2023.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Brushy Creek MUD at 512-255-7871.

After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of scientific research, public opinion, and the potential health and environmental impacts, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of our community to discontinue the practice of water fluoridation effective December 1, 2023.

This decision is not taken lightly, and it is based on several key factors:

1.           Scientific Concerns: Extensive scientific studies have raised questions about the long-term effects and potential risks associated with water fluoridation. While some studies suggest benefits, others indicate potential adverse health effects, especially in vulnerable populations such as infants, individuals with kidney disease, and those with specific medical conditions.

2.           Personal Choice: We respect the individual's right to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families. By discontinuing water fluoridation, we allow individuals to exercise their autonomy and decide whether to obtain fluoride from alternative sources such as dental products or dietary choices.

3.           Cost-effectiveness: Maintaining a water fluoridation program involves substantial financial resources. By eliminating water fluoridation, we can allocate those funds to other public health initiatives that have proven efficacy and can benefit a wider range of individuals.

4.           Environmental Considerations: Fluoride compounds used in water fluoridation can have unintended environmental consequences, particularly when it comes to water treatment processes and wastewater disposal. By ending fluoridation, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

We understand that this decision may elicit various responses from the community, including differing opinions and concerns. As such, we commit to fostering an open dialogue and providing information about maintaining good oral health through alternative means. We encourage residents to consult with their healthcare providers and dental professionals to ensure optimal dental hygiene practices.

We assure you that our commitment to public health remains unwavering, and we will continue to explore evidence-based strategies and initiatives to improve the well-being of our community.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Shean R. Dalton

General Manager

Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District

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