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2/4/2023 - Winter Storm Update **Posted 2/4/23**

As the community navigates through this difficult time, the District remains focused on ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. The District's top priority is the removal of any fallen limbs and debris in District managed medians, parks, and lands.

The District is outside all city limits and part of a large unincorporated area in Williamson County. Williamson County has been declared a disaster area. Due to safety concerns, the District's parks and trails will remain closed until further notice. The District understands the importance of these spaces for residents and is working tirelessly to get them reopened as soon as possible.

The District is coordinating assistance for the community through various efforts, including partnering with TDS. The District is committed to being a resource for residents in need and will continue to update the community through its website. For those seeking assistance during this period of disaster, the District provides the following helpful contacts and information: Williamson County Landfill, TDS, and the Waste Wizard App. 

The District asks residents to please check its website regularly for updated information on the disaster and recovery efforts. The District is here to support the community during this challenging time. Winter Storm Uri in 2021 brought the best out of this community. We will continue that tradition with this storm. 


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