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1/27/2023 - Cat Hollow Pool Renovation Project

The Brushy Creek MUD Cat Hollow Pool renovation project is officially underway. The project will involve the removal of all existing deck concrete, plumbing, pool plaster, and tile, as well as any damaged or rotten wood on the building and the current mushroom water play feature. Construction is set to begin on Monday, January 30, and the pool has already been drained in preparation.

Once the demolition is complete, the pool will be outfitted with all-new and expanded concrete decking featuring a cool deck coating. Additionally, new underground piping will be installed, the pool will be re-plastered and re-tiled, and a new mushroom water play feature will also be added.

In addition to updates to the pool itself, the project will also include renovations to the bathrooms, pump room, and lifeguard room. It's important to note that while the project will bring significant improvements to the pool, it will not change the overall layout of the facility. Instead, it will update and refresh the existing space with a sleek new look and provide a more comfortable, enjoyable experience for all.

The Brushy Creek MUD is excited to bring these improvements to the District and looks forward to the completion of the Cat Hollow Pool renovation project.


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