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7/27/2022 - Shirley McDonald Duck Pond Repairs

This summer's extreme temperatures and drought are above average, which causes issues in many parts of our everyday life. Last week, the BCMUD Property Maintenance staff noticed lower water levels at the Shirley McDonald Pond. The well that typically keeps the water level steady in the pond is currently inoperable and is scheduled for repairs next week. The lower water levels and extreme temperatures resulted in lower oxygen levels in the pond, which killed some fish. To combat this issue, the Property Maintenance and Public Works staff worked together to run a hose in the grass above the pond to allow water to move slowly into the pond. Staff removed the dead fish from the pond and contacted our Pond Quality Specialist to seek expert guidance on the situation. Staff estimates water will need to be added to the pond through Friday, July 29th. 

There are no water main or sewer spills, and the two aerators at the pond continue to work. An update will be provided once the well is repaired and the pond reaches normal temperature and oxygen levels. The District is monitoring this situation closely while keeping the Stage 1 Voluntary Water Conservation in mind.

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