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7/6/2022 - BCMUD's Aquatics Summer Brief

BCMUD's Aquatics Summer Brief from Angela Niemiec, BCMUD Parks and Recreation Manager

During this historically hot summer, the District hopes you are staying cool by visiting one of our four District pools. The District’s four pools are operated seven days of the week, with schedules accommodating Water Aerobic and Aqua Zumba classes. During these normal operational hours, pool parties can be scheduled, including the new Pool Party Room at Sendero Springs Pool. For pool hours and information, please visit our website.

Maintaining daily operation of all four pools has admittedly been a challenge, and the District appreciates your patience when this schedule is occasionally disrupted. The District continues to navigate through these challenges to ensure our residents and members have a memorable and enjoyable experience. The District would like to provide an update on some of the obstacles and what is being done to counter them.

BCMUD, like the rest of the nation, experienced challenges recruiting and hiring lifeguards this season. For the last couple of years, the District has found creative recruitment solutions and continues to develop new ideas. Unfortunately, even with these extra efforts, the District was short-staffed to begin the summer. With the Board's support, the District adapted to the regional aquatics wage pressures to reach the hiring level held in previous seasons. Thankfully, there was minimal impact on pool operating hours compared to many neighboring communities, who experienced and continue to experience pool closures.

Staffing issues have likewise impacted the District’s supply chain. Additionally, vendors have historically low inventory levels for maintenance, repair, and chemical supplies. Low inventory with high demand has resulted in extended delivery schedules and pricing pressures. That said, the District’s Aquatic cost center continues to operate within budget for services, repairs, and maintenance. The following are examples of these impacts:

  • The shade canopy at Cat Hollow Pool was damaged during Winter Storm Uri in 2021. An insurance claim was made for the shade as part of the damage the District suffered from the storm, which created the initial delay for replacement. The shade has been on back order due to supply chain issues. The District remains in contact with the canopy company and expects the arrival and installation of the shade in the upcoming weeks.
  • The District’s vendor for pool chemicals has experienced staff shortages around CDL drivers, which sometimes delays delivery. On occasion, aquatics team members may need to use "dry chemicals" to maintain clean and safe water levels. This may require disruption of pool use for up to twenty minutes.

Ongoing repairs are needed from time to time, and the District makes these repairs a priority to prevent an unsatisfactory experience for our community. Below are updates on such repairs:

  • Aerator at Creekside Pool was repaired on 7/4
  • Over the July 4th weekend, the water feature (Mushroom) at Cat Hollow exhibited low water pressures. Parks Maintenance will assess this week (7/5) and determine if the repair can be completed internally or if an outside vendor is needed.

We appreciate your enjoyment of the four District pools and your patience and understanding as we work through challenges that arise. The District is dedicated to providing the highest quality of living to its residents and members, and your experience at our pools, Community Center and programs matter to us. We also encourage you to help the District recruit and fill the Aquatics Supervisor position. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service at 512-255-7871 ext 1, or, reach me directly at 512-255-7871 x 230 or a.niemiec@bcmud.org. 

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