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12/21/2021 - Critical Load Designation Information


Critical Load Designation Information


Critical Load Designations are for non-residential areas across the District that are registered with Pedernales Electric Cooperative’s (PEC) and Oncor’s Critical Load Program. For unplanned outages, these electrical providers will prioritize Critical Load Program participants for restoration of power as much as practicable. The areas designated as Critical Loads for Brushy Creek are:

  • The Water Intake Facility
  • The Water Treatment Facility
  • Lift Stations

*  PEC does not guarantee uninterrupted service. * A Critical Load designation does not guarantee that power will not be disrupted, but it does enhance the probability that the disruption will not happen or will be short lived.


Critical Notice Regarding Senate Bill 3 and Critical Load Designations


PEC is committed to its Core Value of Service and provides the following information to affected water utilities resulting from Senate Bill 3 and changes to Texas Water Code (TWC) Section 13.1394, passed during the 2021 Legislative Session.


PEC understands that affected water utilities must now prepare and implement an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) to provide water during an extended power outage greater than 24 hours. This information is provided in order to help affected water utilities understand the services PEC is able to provide to its members, as well as an explanation of possible service limitations


Pedernales Electric Cooperative and Oncor Electric are partners of Brushy Creek. 

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