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4/12/2021 - Cat Hollow Sign Replacement

Cat Hollow Park Sign Update

Special thanks to the members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee who spent countless hours discussing replacement of the Park sign and in particular, the beloved “Cats” to ensure that the vision of the Board was met. We’d also like to acknowledge the team for all their time and effort that went into this project. 

The renovation of the Park sign and the Restrooms are part of the Master Plan for improvements to the Cat Hollow Park. Future projects for Cat Hollow Park include:
  • Playscape Replacement
  • Pool Re-Plaster
  • Pool Restroom Renovation
The Board had a difficult decision to make in incorporating the beloved cats into the new sign. These cats were a much-loved component of the signs which once adorned the entrance into the Cat Hollow neighborhood. The District kept these cats safe over the past years while deciding how to reintroduce them back into the community. The structure of the cat sculptures was deemed unsafe due to their materials and jagged edges. The Board mandated the new cats be the same size and shape as the old cats. The outcome, as you can see with this beautiful park sign, was outstanding. 

The Board of Directors is committed to continually improve our community to make this a great place to live and play. We enjoy working with our residents to maintain the best neighborhoods and to provide fitness opportunities and fun programming for all ages. This is what we like to call the “The Brushy Creek Life®”

Enjoy the video of our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that took place on Monday, April 12, 2021:




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