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3/12/2021 - Sewer Averaging Calculations - Utility Customers

Sewer Averaging 

Dear Brushy Creek Customers:

The District has completed its analysis of the impact of the February 2021 winter storm event on this year’s sewer averaging calculations.  Based on our assessment, we have determined that keeping in place the 2020 winter averaging for 2021 best minimizes the financial impact of the storm event on customer accounts. 

Customers’ sewer bills are calculated on a “winter averaging” methodology based upon the average monthly water usage from November through the following February. Water usage during the winter months generally approximates wastewater service throughout the year since irrigation should be minimal during the winter period.  In recognition of the fact that the February 2021 water usage may have exceeded normal water usage due to breaks or faucet dripping, and that this extraordinary winter storm event did not reflect typical usage, the Board of Directors has directed that the 2020 winter averaging remain in effect through the end of March 2022.  

Please contact customer service if you have any questions.

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