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3/4/2021 - What to do AFTER a boil water notice

What to Do After a Boil Water Notice Has Been Rescinded 


Unscrew and remove the faucet aerator (screen) Turn on each cold water faucet/tap slowly
Run cold water for five minutes
Clean and reinstall aerator

Run hot water only at all faucets until water runs cool or typically for a minimum of:

15 minutes for a typical household 40-gallon hot water tank
30 minutes for a hot water tank greater than 40 gallons

Hot water is then safe to use for washing of dishes, etc.


Water filters that are commonly used in refrigerators, faucets, pitchers, under the sink, and the whole house, etc. are not designed to remove the specific bacteria potentially present during a boil water advisory. If you ran water through your filter during the boil water notice, the filter could be contaminated.

Remove and discard water filters
Replace with a new filter following flushing

Note: If you cannot flush or run water when filter is removed, replace with new filter after flushing. Always follow manufacturer’s directions for filter replacement.

Always read and 
follow the owner’s manual for directions to clean and flush all appliances that use water.


After flushing hot water pipes and water heater, run empty dishwasher one time on the hottest or ‘sanitize’ cycle.

Always follow filter replacement recommendations above.

For refrigerators without filters, flush water dispensers by running at least one quart of water. If unsure of your dispenser's capacity, refer to manufacturer specifications.
Flush home automatic ice makers. Make three batches of ice cubes and discard all three batches.

Water Softeners

Run water softeners through a full regeneration (flush) cycle.

CPAP Machines

If you used contaminated water during the boil water advisory in nebulizers, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, oral, medical, or health care devices, take the following actions:

Discard any water used in the devices listed above.
Rinse the device with clean water and sanitize.
If your humidifier has a filter, sanitize the humidifier and replace the filter.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you use bleach or any other cleaning product.
Sterile water should be used for CPAP machines and nebulizers. Follow manufacturer’s directions.

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