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1/31/2021 - Shirley McDonald Pond Water

Shirley McDonald Duck Pond

Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District Public Works team is collecting samples of pond water and 2 dead fish found in the Shirley McDonald Park Duck Pond for testing. 

It is common for fish to experience stress in warmer water, which contains less oxygen than colder water.

The District will contact Texas Parks & Wildlife on Monday, February 1, as well as the hatchery that provided rainbow trout for the recent fishing derby, 

The Shirley McDonald Duck Pond is located at Great Oaks Dr and Hairy Man Rd.  The quickly contained sewage spill on January 18, 2021, was located near FM 620 and Smyers Lane and flows in the opposite direction. 

Please check back here for future updates.   

February 1, 2021 Update:

The Brushy Creek MUD Public Works team did a visual inspection of the Shirley McDonald Duck Pond the morning of January 31, 2021 and found 2 dead bass. The fish were removed and water samples were collected from the pond for testing.

Test Results of Shirley McDonald Pond Water:

o Dissolved Oxygen: 10.11 mg/l 
o Free Ammonia: 0.05 mg/l
o Nitrate: 1.31 mg/l
o Water Temperature: 57.8 °F
o pH: 8.3

The results of the water quality report revealed an exceptional environment for healthy fish. Out of the two dead fish found, one had a large hook. Fish that are caught and returned to the water, do not always survive. 

Brushy Creek Public Works will continue to monitor the condition of Shirley McDonald Pond.


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