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7/16/2020 - GO Green - Switch to e-Bill!

Get Your Monthly Water Bill Directly In Your Email Inbox


Paperless billing has less impact on our environment, reduces mail handling during COVID-19, and saves the District a substantial amount on paper, postage, and printing costs. This cost savings can go back into our community!

Call 512-255-7871 and we will do it for you!

Brushy Creek MUD Customer Service representatives are happy to help. Just call 512-255-7871 ext.1 or email customerservice@bcmud.org today!

Or Check “Email” on your Online Account

New to myBCWater? Start by Registering for an account. 

After you Log In:
In Help Box under User Profile  > Select “Change my Communication Preferences”
Uncheck “Print” and Check “Email”


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