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7/6/2020 - The Cats are Coming Back!

The Cats are Coming Back

New Cat Hollow Park Sign Incorporates Original Cat Design

Many residents fondly remember the frolicking, metal cats perched at the entrance of the Cat Hollow neighborhood. The Cat Hollow Homeowner’s Association re-designed the signs in 2018 and since that time, residents have expressed missing the cats featured on the original signage.

The Brushy Creek Board of Directors made sure they kept the community’s love for the cats in mind when working on the new Cat Hollow Park Sign Project. The original aluminum cats were donated to the District by the Cat Hollow HOA but their sharp, metal edges compromised safety. The contractor assigned to the Project was able to replicate the whimsical design of the original cats and fabricate them in steel to achieve a smooth texture and lasting durability. The final design beautifully incorporates the cats and provides striking signage for motorists and pedestrians. The new Cat Hollow Park Sign, located at the corner of O'Connor and Great Oaks, is expected to be completed by the end of July 2020.

The Brushy Creek Board of Directors is happy to bring the cats back home to the community and maintain The Brushy Creek Life in District parks. 




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