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10/3/2019 - NEW Water Bill Payment System

Paying Your Water Bill Just Got Easier!

NEW Online Water Bill Payment System

Registration is Easy!

myBCWater Features:

Direct Access – YOU securely choose and edit your own Credit Cards, Password, and Contact Information
Quick Pay – Make FAST one-time payments without setting up an account 
Account History – View your utility account in real-time and review payment history
Multiple Accounts – Manage multiple utility accounts under one username 
AutoPay – Set up automatic payments using a credit/debit card or a checking account
Water Usage – View your water history
Payment Methods – Add and save multiple payment methods to choose from

Are there any new fees involved? 
No. Same fee structure applies. 
- There is NO FEE for automatic "AutoPay" payments by Credit/Debit Card or Checking Account.
- A Convenience Fee of $1.00 will be charged for every one-time Credit Card transaction.

What if I don't pay my Water Bill Online? 
All Other Payment Methods are still accepted, including In Person, By Mail, Direct Draft, White Drop Box and By Phone.

Need Help?
Please contact Customer Service at 512-255-7871 ext.1 if you would like assistance OR see the Step by Step Instructions












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