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5/23/2019 - Snake Safety Awareness


Snake sightings have become more frequent in recent weeks partially resulting from recent rains as well as increased construction. Although snakes are a natural and integral component of the ecosystem, the more you know about venomous and non-venomous snakes helps lower your risk of encountering them.

The best way to discourage venomous snakes from showing up in your yard is to remove any suitable habitat and food sources. Remove all wood and rock piles, trim and/or remove heavy brush, tall grass and rotten stumps. Water features can also attract snakes. Open containers of pet food may attract rodents which are major food sources for many venomous snakes. Scattered seed from bird feeders can also attract snakes. Teach children the importance of not placing their hands, feet and heads into areas that they cannot see to reduce risk of being bit. Talk to your veterinarian about whether to have your dog vaccinated with a rattlesnake vaccine which may reduce pain and trauma if your dog is bitten. 

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