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2/25/2019 - Automated Garbage Collection

Automated Garbage Collection Starting March 20

The District garbage collection service is provided by Round Rock Refuse (aka Central Texas Refuse). 

Starting March 20, the majority of Brushy Creek residents will have their garbage cart picked up by an automated trash truck. (Meadows at Brushy Creek, Villages of Brushy Creek, Enclave at Highland Horizon and Cat Hollow Condos will transition to automated collection at a later date)

Please Note: Recycling service will not change at this time. 

Prepare your Trash Carts for Automated Collection

  • Please keep at least 3 ft of space on either side of your garbage collection container.
    (Make sure vehicles, mailboxes, trees, utility poles, and your recycling cart are 3 ft away)
  • Do not place your garbage cart under low hanging wires. 
  • Wheels-to-Curb. The wheels and handle of the cart should be facing your home. (See photo)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is “Automated Collection”?
A:   Automated collection refers to the type of truck used. The Round Rock Refuse truck has a mechanical “arm” to lift your garbage cart into the trash truck without the need for manual intervention.

Q:   Why the change from Manual to Automated Garbage Collection?
A:   The refuse collection industry is moving away from manual collection because automated collection is safer, faster, quieter, and cleaner.

Q:   Does my collection day change?
A:   No.  

Q:   Are other communities using Automated Collection?
A:   Yes, selected areas in Round Rock. 

Q:   What if I have extra trash bags or items outside my container needing to be picked up?  
A:   Residents are allowed up to 6 additional bags per week. Tied bundles may be left as well if they weigh under 25 lbs each.  Round Rock Refuse will pick up additional bags/bundles during regular pick up time as well as at a later time when necessary depending on total truck load capacity on a given day.

Q:   What time do I need to have my carts out by?
A:   Please have your trash container out by 7am on your collection day.

If you have any questions or believe this change has adversely affected your level of service, please contact the District’s Customer Service office at 512-255-7871.

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