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7/19/2018 - Cambria Cave Site

Cambria Cave Site


Please check the Williamson County website news for current updates.

Williamson County’s contractor Chasco Constructors is nearly finished pouring concrete into the cave under Cambria Drive and Ephraim Road. The Cave opening will be closed, with the concrete work anticipated to be completed this Friday, August 31. Chasco will begin work to repair the water and gas lines the first week in September. Work is still anticipated to be completed in October 2018.

Background: On February 8, 2018, a cave under Cambria Drive was discovered when the cave roof collapsed, and a water pipe was broken affecting water service to nearby homes. The cave starts at approximately the middle of the Cambria Drive 20 feet west of the curb and heads east approximately 200 feet and north approximately 45 feet. The cave has five chambers. The height of the cave varies reaching a height of approximately 22 feet near the entrance down to only three feet high in the fourth chamber and lower level of the fifth chamber. 


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