Utilities & Resident Services : Brushy Creek Life Story

The Brushy Creek Life® Story

The natural beauty of Brushy Creek is evident as soon as you drive by the manicured parks and sparkling pond. With exemplary schools and tree-lined streets, it is a sought after neighborhood for families young and old.  The 18,000 Brushy Creek residents enjoy close-knit relationships and easy access to parks and trails.  


When moving into the area, residents are greeted with a friendly customer service team providing assistance with utilities and community services. The Brushy Creek Water Utility consistently ranks among the best in the state for water quality and is committed to delivering affordable services. One stop or phone call to Customer Service can take care of anything from setting up water service to enrolling your child in summer camp. 


Brushy Creek offers an abundance of greenspace with several acres of outdoor features and activities. Families can spend an afternoon fishing at the pond, playing a round of disc golf or going for a run on one of the many trails. Swimming pools are open year-round and provide a fun place to cool off in the summer or enjoy a heated swim during the winter. The District puts a high priority on Parks and Recreation, with over 50 family events each year. Movies and live music are frequently offered at the parks and pools with free refreshments.  The Hairy Man Festival in October, attracts crowds of 6,000.


The hub of the District is the popular Community Center, which was expanded in 2017 to accommodate the growing membership and additional programming. It is a place where staff knows you by name and treats you like family.  Students walk to the Community Center after school to play ping pong or shoot hoops while waiting for their parents to get off work. Neighbors meet up for coffee, garden club, or work out in the fitness studio. The state-of-the-art facility has sport leagues, camps, and multi-cultural classes to fit every age and interest.


Brushy Creek residents enjoy a uniquely high quality of life with many opportunities to stay socially and physically active. There is active volunteerism and neighbors take care of each other—and their neighborhood. This cherished experience is what the close-knit community refers to as The Brushy Creek Life®.