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2/7/2017 - Sendero Springs Trail and Wildcat Trail Closed for Repairs

Sendero Springs Trail and Wildcat Trail Closed for Repairs

Date of Closure:  February 13, 2017 - June 15, 2017

The Brushy Creek Community has numerous parks, open spaces and trails maintained by the BCMUD.  The District trail system has sustained damage by stormwater and other elements over the years. The BCMUD Board of Directors has approved:  (1) Repair of the entire trail system and (2) Design improvements to reduce future damages and ensure safety trail users. The District has contracted with Myers Construction for the construction portion of the project. All work will be done in a manner to minimize the effect on trees and park vegetation along the trail.

Beginning Monday, February 13, portions of the Sendero Springs and Wildcat Trail will be closed for repairs.  Sendero Springs Trail is located in the Sendero Springs neighborhood and Wildcat Trail is near the entrance to the Brushy Creek North neighborhood.  During the closure, foot traffic and bicycles are not permitted on the closed trail sections.  Signage on the trails will indicate location of closures. In addition, the BCMUD website will provide information on trail closures. Most repair work will take place Monday through Friday 7am - 5pm with occasional work on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm.  District staff will monitor progress to make sure there is minimal impact on residents.

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