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9/15/2014 - The Ducks are Back at Shirley McDonald Pond!

Back by Popular Demand - DUCKS!

Stop by to welcome the new ducks to the Shirley McDonald Pond. There are 10 new duck residents at the pond for a total of 11 ducks now. They are Blue Swedish, Mallard, Cayuga and other breeds from a duckling mix.

The District is currently feeding them daily. The best diet for them is naturally foraging for small fish, plants, mollusks and water insects.
If you feel inclined to feed them please feed them a waterfowl mix from a feed store or bird seed. Feeding them white bread and crackers is not good for them. A diet including processed foods causes bloating and may make them more susceptible to attacks from predators. It also reduces water quality creating a poor environment for the fish and other wildlife in the pond. A bread, cracker or other processed food diet causes a deformity called angle wing which makes it impossible for the ducks to fly.

A floating duck house for their safety has also been added to the pond.

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