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7/24/2009 - Stage I Water Conservation in Effect ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stage I water conservation plan is now in effect due to severe drought conditions.  The high demand placed on our system, mainly  due to lawn irrigation has forced this action. 
Stage I Drought is voluntary and includes a 7-day water schedule.   If  water usage continues to increase, despite voluntary action, mandatory water conservation measures will be put in place that may include restricting outdoor watering and issuing violation notices and fines if necessary. Additionally, the District has been notified by the Brazos River Authority of Stage I Drought Watch based upon lake levels in Lake Georgetown. The Brazos River Authority provides raw untreated water to the District and if the drought continues, they have the option to require the District to curtail water and implement enforcement actions. Click here for more information about the Brazos River Authority drought plan.

Click here for current daily water usage reports

Click here to review the District’s water conservation plan

We ask everyone to follow the 7-day water schedule and to use common sense when watering such as not watering the sidewalk, not watering in the middle of the day, repairing broken sprinkler heads and preventing water from running down the street. If the District is forced to implement mandatory water conservation measures, strict penalties are in place for violators who fail to restrict use of water.Please follow the watering schedule shown below. This spreads out watering over 5 days to eliminate spikes caused by large numbers of residents irrigating on the same day. Please do not water on Saturday or Sunday.  Once a week watering of 1 inch actually promotes deep root growth of your lawn.

 If your street address
 ends in......
         Your watering
         day is........

 0 or 9


 1 0r 8


 2 or 7


 3 or 6


 4 or 5


For a copy of the complete Brushy Creek MUD Drought Contingency Plan, click here.

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