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2/13/2019 - Recent Board Meeting Actions

Recent Board Meeting Actions

The Board took the following actions at the Board of Directors' meeting on February 13, 2019.  For more information visit the Public Meetings Web Portal page of our website.

Approved WilCo agreement for security services at meetings / events
Approved RRR use of automated collection trucks
Approved amendment to closing date and restrictive covenants related to sale of District property on Great Oaks and O’Connor
Approved Change Order #5 and Fazzone proposal for construction of driveway related to Well #6
Approved purchase of 3 singer valves from Environmental Improvements
Approved Duval Electric proposal related to electrical work at Liberty Walk lift station
Approved selection of Maas Verde Landscape Restoration for tree replacement project in Great Oaks medians
Approved SEC Landscape Agreement related to Community Center Garden design concept
Approved First Quarter Financials

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