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10/15/2021 - Recent Board Meeting Actions

Recent Board Meeting Actions

The Board took the following actions at the Board of Directors' meeting on October 14, 2021.  For more information visit the Public Meetings Web Portal page of our website.

  • Approved September 09, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes, September 21, 2021, Special Board Meeting Minutes, September 23, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes, and September 30, 2021 Special Board Meeting Minutes.
  • Approved Parks Walkthrough date change for Fiscal Year 2022
  • Approved Termination of Agreement for Grant Funding Services
  • Approved purchase of Filtrate Meter and a meter for well #5
  • Approved Wastewater Services Area Transfer Agreement with City if Round Rock
  • Approved CP&Y to update GIS Mapping with storm water mapping
  • Approved the design plans for southern Cross Trail Pond Project with District standard benches
  • Approved Rock Engineering contract for materials inspection and testing services for Zebra Mussel Copper Ion Generator Project

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