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5/17/2011 - Feral Hog Update

Feral Hog Update

The BCMUD Board of Directors has been discussing the District's ongoing feral hog population at several of the last Board meetings.  The number of feral hogs is on the rise in the District, particularly in the Sendero Springs Neighborhood.  The Board discussed possible solutions for trapping and removing the hogs in order to prevent further damage to landscaping and to maintain the safety of residents.  The District is working with the US Department of Agriculture to assist in removal of the hogs.  During these periods, trails or other public spaces may be closed to the public.

The District is seeking proposals to install a game fence along the Sendero Springs property line to reduce the number of feral hogs entering the neighborhood.

Discussions on this issue are ongoing and updates will be posted.  For more information, visit:


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