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11/14/2023 - NOTICE: District fountain on Sam Bass Road will be replaced

Dear Brushy Creek MUD residents:

Have no fear, our beloved water fountain on the northwest corner of Great Oaks Drive and Sam Bass Road will be replaced!

We would like to take this opportunity to explain why the fountain was removed, as well as plans to construct a new fountain directly north of where it used to be.

Please review the list of frequently asked questions below. For any further questions, please fill out an inquiry form on our Contact Us! page. 

Q: Why was the fountain removed?
A: Williamson County officials are overseeing improvements to Sam Bass Road from East Whitestone Blvd. to Wyoming Springs Road, which is currently under construction. The project required the county to acquire additional right of way (ROW) to support the project that will widen that stretch of Sam Bass. Part of that ROW includes the land where the fountain was located, which was owned by the BCMUD (the District).

Q: Will the fountain be replaced?
A: Yes. As part of a deal brokered between BCMUD and Williamson County, the county will pay the total cost associated with replacing the fountain.

Q: When will the fountain be replaced?
A: There is not yet a specific date for when the fountain replacement will begin. Information from Williamson County states the road improvement should be complete in mid-2025. To minimize potential damage to the new fountain, the Sam Bass Road widening must be substantially complete before the fountain replacement begins.

Q: Who will oversee the fountain replacement project?
A: An interlocal agreement between BCMUD and Williamson County states the District will manage the replacement project, which is currently in the design phase. The District will seek bids from contractors to complete the work at a yet-to-be-determined date.

Q: What will the new fountain look like?
A: While it likely won’t be an exact replica due to the nature of natural stone materials, the plan is for the new fountain to retain much of the same aesthetic as the old fountain.

Q: How long will the fountain replacement project take to complete?
A: Once construction begins on the new fountain, the installation is expected to take approximately 90 days, weather permitting.

Q: Where will the new fountain be located?
A: The new fountain is expected to be constructed approximately 50 feet north of its old location and will remain on the northwest corner of Great Oaks and Sam Bass.

One additional note: Williamson County will relocate the Brushy Creek North neighborhood sign that was removed to a location to be determined. Public outreach seeking input on the new location will be forthcoming.

For more information on the Sam Bass widening project, click here

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