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12/30/2021 - Turning off your water in the event of an emergency

Turning off your water in the event of an emergency


Last year’s winter storm left many people across the state of Texas without power and water. Brushy Creek worked diligently to continue the flow of water throughout our District. If another significant storm system happens again this winter, Brushy Creek wants you to be prepared and knowledgeable on what to do if your water needs to be shut off.


The water meter is considered Brushy Creek property and to protect you from any cost that may be associated with possible damage, turning off the meter or tampering with the meter is not an accepted Brushy Creek practice. If water shut off is needed, please contact Brushy Creek (512) 255-7871, and a Public Works team member will come out to shut your water off at the meter and return to turn it back on.


You can shut your water off at the meter by turning the homeowner’s cutoff valve located just above your meter box. It’s a round tube/pipe with a metal or plastic lid.


In the picture below, the water meter has a black lid, the homeowner cutoff valve is the circular brown tube above the meter box. 


If you haven't seen this valve before, it may be buried under the grass or dirt. 

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