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12/30/2021 - Preparation for Winter Storms

Preparation for Winter Storms


In 2021, winter storms led to nearly 10 million Texans without power and billions of dollars in damage. The District has prepared and winterized the Water Treatment Facility and Lift Stations to combat any issues brought forth by future winter storms. Brushy Creek wants you and your family to be safe and prepared for the upcoming winter months. Below are some tips to help you prepare for this winter season:

Know your insurance coverages:

  • Check with your insurance company if your home/renter’s policy covers accidental water damage. This coverage pays for damage from burst pipes. Flood insurance does not pay for damage caused by burst pipes.

  • Home and renter’s policies might not pay for damages caused by frozen pipes if you didn't take steps to protect your pipes.

  • If food in your refrigerator is spoiled because of power failure, your policy should cover up to $500 to replace your food. Take pictures and keep a list of any bad food.

Plan now

  • Make a family disaster plan. Be proactive and plan for severe winter weather. Consider evacuating to a relative's house days before the storm or shelter in place.

  • Have a communication plan with friends and family that are not living with you.  

  • Plan for your animal's accommodations during severe weather.

  • Research proper equipment and devices used during emergencies (i.e., generators, radios, heaters, fuel).

  • Sign up for weather alerts at www.warncentraltexas.org

Take inventory

  • Create a list of items needed during winter storms and power outages.

  • Have materials handy to create traction on walkways, including sand, kitty litter, salt, and sawdust.

  • Have the proper equipment to combat the cold and ice. You will want an ice scraper for car windows and a shovel to spread material.

  • Have a non-electrical heater and fuel as an alternate heat source during emergencies. Kerosene heaters are excellent sources of heat. Never Burn Charcoal Indoors! 

  • Have a week's supply of water for drinking and non-potable uses. If you have any notice before a major storm, it is best to fill your bathtub up with water to use for flushing toilets.

  • Keep high-energy food in stock, such as dried fruit, nuts, cereal, granola bars, and other food that requires no cooking or refrigeration.

  • Keep cash on hand in the event you must travel.

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms once a month to ensure they work properly.

  • Keep your vehicle's gas tank filled.

  • Make sure you have batteries.

Protect your pipes when it freezes  

  • Let your faucets drip from the cold and hot taps.

  • Open cabinets under sinks to let your house's heat warm the pipes.

  • Cover any exposed pipes outside with insulated material (pool noodles work).

  • Remove water hoses.

  • Drain and turn off your lawn sprinkler system.

  • Shut off your customer water meter (see more here)


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