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6/29/2021 - Brushy Creek Sewer Filming

Sewer Filming 

The District lies within the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.  One of the ways that the District keeps the aquifer safe is by video inspecting its entire wastewater collection system over a five year period.  This is mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  The videoing is performed by an outside contractor and then sent to an engineer for review, certification, and make suggestions on needed corrective actions.  The total cost annually is close to $80,000.


The District has over 250,000 linear feet of sewer line.  The District videos selected segments every year.  The areas covered this year are: Brushy Creek South, Hillside at Brushy Creek, and Brushy Creek Village.  This will entail the videoing of over 70,000 feet of line.  This project began with the District cleaning the lines set to be videoed and inspecting manholes within the project area.  The video contractor began filming lines on June 28th.  This project will last approximately 90 days. 


Area D is this years project, the areas are as follows:

  • Brushy Creek South 
  • Hillside at Brushy Creek 
  • Brushy Creek Village
  • Highland Horizon 
  • Enclave at Highland Horizon 


View the District Televising Schedule here.


For questions please reach out to Customer Service. 

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