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3/19/2021 - Message from TDS - Updated 3/23/21

Update - March 23 - 

Texas Disposal Systems, Inc. (TDS) will be deploying several additional trucks this week and throughout leaf season to assist in servicing the additional volumes generated by the storm and the spring. In an effort to get ahead of some of the brush and leaf volume some TDS trucks will be in select neighborhoods in order to service organic materials only on Tuesday.

If TDS comes to service brush on Tuesday, they will be back on the regularly scheduled service day to service your cart(s).


Dear Brushy Creek resident,

Texas Disposal Systems, Inc. (TDS) would like to respond to a request from your management to update you on our plans to service your community with the large amount of storm debris that has increased the total amount of volume at the curb by more than 60 percent.

We understand there were some questions and concerns expressed by some residents prior to the storm and TDS is working diligently at all levels of our company to provide service that is Noticeably Different, Noticeably Better to Brushy Creek MUD residents.

This week we deployed additional resources on Tuesday in order to pick up large amounts of brush (up to six items) in advance of the regularly scheduled route days. TDS will continue to deploy additional trucks outside of the scheduled route days this week and several weeks into the future to service the brush and leaf bags. We will deploy even more resources this week to blanket the District with trucks and drivers.

We appreciate your understanding while we are working through this unprecedented volume in many communities just like Brushy Creek and we want to assure you that TDS is and will be a partner with you during this time and into the future.

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