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10/8/2008 - BCMUD horticulturist secures $12,164 grant

BCMUD horticulturist secures $12,164 grant

Rachel Hagan, BCMUD horticulturist, has secured a grant for the District through Keep Texas Beautiful.  The grant will pay for permanent recycle bins in Community Park and greenbelt, Shirley McDonald Park, Creekside Park, and Sendero Park and greenbelt.  Funds were limited to use in areas directly linked to surface water run-off into the creek or aquifer recharge through caves.

The grant of $12,164 is funded by fines collected for illegal dumping in Williamson County and specified as Supplemental Environmental Project funds by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Thanks to Rachel for her continued efforts to Keep Brushy Creek Beautiful! 

Rachel Hagan, Horticulturist

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