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8/25/2020 - * New Trash Carts Arriving Sep 14-29 *



Starting Oct 7/Oct 8

The Brushy Creek Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a 5-year agreement with Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) was approved on July 23, 2020. TDS will be replacing Round Rock Refuse (RRR) as the District’s solid waste and recycling service provider starting in October 2020. Residents can look forward to enhanced services and no changes to the current trash and recycling pick up schedule. Brushy Creek Customer Service will be the direct contact for all service needs and questions. Texas Disposal Systems is an industry leader and serves over 130 communities in the Austin area. TDS Service Flier


TDS Service Start-Up Highlights:

NO CHANGE to trash and recycling pick up days
No Increase in monthly fees
Flexible Bulk Item Pick Up Days – Residents may choose up to 2 dates per year
Brushy Creek MUD is your direct contact for all trash and recycling questions and bulk pick up scheduling

Which Carts Do I Use?  Follow the Instructions for Cart Transition. 

The transition of services will start with the delivery of two (2) new Texas Disposal Systems carts (trash and recycling) to homes. Then, Round Rock Refuse will remove all their carts from the community. This is a lengthy process and residents may have four (4) carts for 2-3 weeks until RRR completes the removal of their carts. Service Transition Calendar


Sep 14-29:  Texas Disposal Systems Carts Arrive

  • TDS will drop off new Trash and Recycling carts at each home.  
  • DO NOT USE your New TDS Carts until Oct 7/Oct 8. (Store them)
  • Continue using your RRR carts until Oct 1
  • Residents will temporarily have both TDS and RRR carts during the transition of services.

Sep 30/Oct 1:  Round Rock Refuse Last Collection Day

- Roll your RRR Trash and Recycling carts to the curb for last collection by Round Rock Refuse.
- Leave both RRR carts at the curb EMPTY after your trash is picked up on Sep 30/Oct 1. RRR crews will return to retrieve all RRR carts from the community.

Oct 7/Oct 8:  TDS Service Begins!

- Roll your TDS trash and recycling (if applicable) carts to the curb for the first TDS service day.
-    Trash is picked up weekly and recycling is picked up every other week on the same schedule. 
- The TDS Recycling Cart has a tan lid with a list of recyclable items.
-        The TDS Trash Cart has a black lid.

For Trash and Recycling Questions, Contact BCMUD:

Brushy Creek MUD Customer Service is your direct contact for all trash and recycling needs. Please do not call TDS.
512-255-7871 ext. 1 or customerservice@bcmud.org.


Q:  When can I start using my new TDS carts?
A:   You can start using your new TDS carts after the last Round Rock Refuse collection on Sep 30/Oct 1.  

Q:  Will my trash or recycling pick up days change?
A:   No. If your pick up day was Wednesday, it will still be Wednesday. If it was Thursday, it will still be Thursday. Trash pick up occurs every week and recycling pick up occurs every other week and there is no change to this pattern. 

Q:  Will I get new carts?
A:   Yes. TDS will deliver a trash and recycling cart to your home between Sep 14-29. Residents will temporarily have (4) carts during the transition of services. Please store the new TDS carts and keep using the Round Rock Refuse carts until TDS service begins on Oct 7/Oct 8.     

Q:  What size are my new trash or recycling carts?
A:   The TDS trash and recycling carts are 96-gallon containers.  This is the same size as the RRR carts.

Q:  Can I put my trash in all 4 carts and roll them to the curb for pick up?
A:   No. During the transition, please make sure you are only using the 2 appropriate carts as outlined in the cart transition instructions.  

Q:  Will my fees increase?
A:   No. The amount you pay for trash service on your monthly BCMUD utility bill stays the same.  

Q:  How do I know which TDS cart is for recycling?
A:   The cart with the tan lid is used for recycling and it has a sticker that shows what items you can recycle. The cart with the black lid is used for trash service.

Q:  When should I leave the Round Rock Refuse carts out for final removal?
A:   Roll the RRR recycling cart and the RRR trash cart to the curb for the last RRR collection on Sep 30/Oct 1. Continue to leave both carts at the curb EMPTY until Round Rock Refuse crews return to retrieve all the RRR carts from the community.

Q:  Can I keep my old carts?
A:   No. These carts are owned by Round Rock Refuse and must be returned.

Q:  Can I leave additional bags of trash on pick up days?
A:   Yes. In addition to the trash inside the TDS cart, you may leave up to six (6) bags or bundles of additional trash at no additional cost. The bags or bundles may not exceed 4 feet in length, 3 inches in diameter, or 35 lbs. 

Q:  What is the Waste Wizard App?
A:  TDS has a free app that allows you to check your trash and recycling schedule in Brushy Creek starting Sep 4, 2020. The app can be found in the App Store and Google Play under “Texas Disposal Waste Wizard.” Visit www.texasdisposal.com/waste-wizard for more information.

Q:  Will we still have Bulk Item Pick Up days?
A:   Yes. Each residence can schedule up to two, free Bulk Item Pick Up days per year! These days are now flexible and must be scheduled by the resident by calling Brushy Creek MUD Customer Service at 512-255-7871 ext. 1 or customerservice@bcmud.org.


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