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3/12/2019 - Coyote Reminder

Coyote Reminder

Although sightings have been reduced, we would like to remind residents that coyotes can still be found in the area. District staff remains proactive about removing feeding stations and cleaning areas that encourage coyote habitation. Residents should continue to take precautions to protect property and pets from coyotes.

  • Keep pet food indoors and bird seed off the ground. Clean up spilled seed from the ground. Coyotes can be drawn directly to the seed or to the rodents attracted to the seed.
  • Pick up fruit that falls to the ground from fruit trees.
  • Minimize clusters of shrubs and food plants near buildings and children's play areas to avoid attracting rodents and small mammals that will in turn attract coyotes.
  • Use noise making, rocks, and other scaring devices if coyotes are seen.





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