Policies, Rules & Rates : Pool Privileges

Pool Privileges

1. General: All persons are required to comply with the District’s rules and policies governing use of the swimming pool. Privileges may be suspended at any time as determined necessary by any District representative for the protection of health or safety.

2. Rules: All patrons of the District’s swimming pools must abide by the following rules at all times:

    I.     No running is allowed.
    ii.    No diving is allowed excepted in designated areas.
    iii.   No loitering is permitted in the lifeguard stand areas.
    iv.   Only children eight (8) years of age or younger and under direct supervision are allowed in the baby pool areas.
    v.   Children unable to independently swim the length of the pool must be within an adult’s body length of the supervising person, who shall be over 16 years of age.
    vi.  All minors under twelve (12) years old must swim the width of the diving well and achieve a wristband prior to participating. No loitering in the diving well will be permitted
    vii.  Swim diapers may be used in a swimming pool. Regular diapers are prohibited in the pool.
    viii.  U.S. Coast Guard life jackets and floats are permitted in the pool facilities.
    ix. Only toys and objects designed for use in the water and less than 30” in diameter are allowed in swimming pools.
    x.   No glass containers are allowed in the pool areas.
    xi.    No smoking is allowed within each pool facility, or within 15 feet of the exterior fence of each pool facility.
    xii.   No BBQ pits are allowed in the premises.
    xiii.  No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks or tiki torches are allowed on the premises. To the extent this prohibition conflicts with any other provision of the laws of the State of Texas, the laws of the State of Texas shall control.
    xiv. No abusive or foul language or conduct will be tolerated.
    xv. With the exception of service animals for persons with developmental or physical disabilities, no pets are allowed in the pool areas.
    xvi.  A five (5) minute shade break will be called every hour. Only patrons eighteen (18) years of age and over may swim during this period.
    xvii. Patrons are required to comply with lifeguard directives at all times.

3. Enforcement: The District’s lifeguards and other staff are authorized to enforce all rules and policies regarding use of the District’s swimming pool facilities, and to take such actions as are reasonably necessary to protect the safety of patrons at the swimming pools. Depending on the nature and severity of a violation, the consequences for violation of the District’s rules or directives of lifeguards may be reprimands, notification of parents, suspension of privileges at the swimming pool, suspension or termination of swim pass/day pass privileges, or criminal prosecution. In most cases, persons who violate the District’s rules will be subject to the following:

    I.   First Violation- Warning;
    ii.  Second Violation- Suspension of pool privileges for one hour; and
    iii. Third Violation- Suspension of pool privileges for the remainder of the day or remainder of the pool season as applicable.