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Garbage Collection / Solid Waste

Solid Waste Service Provider

Central Texas Refuse (formerly Round Rock Refuse) has been the successful bidder for consolidated solid waste (trash) and recycling services for all District residents since January 1, 1998. Mandatory fees for trash pickup will appear on all customers’ utility bills monthly.  Trash pickup will be automatic and will be billed in advance. Since trash is billed in advance new customers will have full or pro-rated charges for the previous month. Central Texas Refuse (CTR) operates several trucks with Round Rock Refuse (RRR) and Cedar Park Refuse (CPR) logos on them.  All District trash/recycling services are provided by Central Texas Refuse. 

    Contact for questions:
    Central Texas Refuse
    (512) 255-4980

Solid waste Fee

Current Pricing

  • Standard Service of 1 - 96 gallon garbage cart and 1 - 96 gallon recycle cart is $21 per month.
  • Each additional garbage or recycling cart is $5 per month.
  • Please use the Solid Waste/Recycle Request Form to request a change to your solid waste service.
     Wednesdays  Thursdays 
  Brushy Creek South
Cat Hollow
Highland Horizon
Woods of Brushy Creek   
Brushy Creek North
Sendero Springs

Large Household Item Pickup 

The District holds a Bulk Item Pick-Up Day each year with free pick up of acceptable items.  Please contact Central Texas Refuse directly to schedule a special pickup other than the annual Bulk Item Pick-Up Day:

    Central Texas Refuse
    (512) 255-4980

Please note:  Central Texas Refuse may charge an additional fee for a special pickup.

Yard Waste

Residents can leave up to 6 bags of yard waste at their curb each week.  Bundles (cut & tied) of yard waste can also be left at the curb with the following restrictions:

  • Each bundle (cut & tied) must be less than 25 pounds
  • Maximum length of 4 feet
  • Up to 4 inch diameter sticks
  • Maximum of 6 bundles (cut & tied)
  • Bundles (cut & tied) must be stacked next to the garbage can

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