Wastewater System Information : Sewer Inspection Program

Sewer Inspection Program

The Edwards Aquifer is an underground water reservoir that stretches from south of San Antonio to Bell County.  Brushy Creek sits over the northern segment of the aquifer and is home to many caves and other recharge features that allow water to enter the aquifer.  The aquifer is the source of drinking water for many individuals and communities within Central Texas.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has established rules to protect the quality of water in the Edwards Aquifer.

One of the rules that impacts the District is the requirement to test our sewer lines every five years in order to identify any leaks that could allow sewage to enter the aquifer.  The District uses a remote video camera system to check the sewer lines for any problems and an engineer hired by the District reviews the video and certifies the results and any corrective actions that are required such as repairing or replacing broken lines.

The District currently has approximately 250,000 linear feet of sewer lines.  That means that each year approximately 50,000 linear feet of lines must be filmed so that the entire system is filmed every five years.  The films must be evaluated by an engineer.  The District budget includes payroll costs for staff to complete the filming and $15,000 for engineering costs.