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3/10/2021 - Brushy Creek to Follow Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-34

Dear Brushy Creek Community,

We’d like to share with you an important update. 

On Wednesday, March 10th, Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA-34 goes into effect which enables businesses under certain conditions to operate at 100% capacity, and lifts the face mask mandate.  The Governor’s Order provides that for counties not in an area with high hospitalization rates due to COVID-19 cases, there are no operating limits for businesses or other establishments, and no person may be required by any jurisdiction to wear a face covering. 

Williamson County has not been identified as having high COVID-19 related hospitalizations at this time.  In response to Governor Abbott’s Order GA-34, Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell released a statement on March 8th announcing that Williamson County government buildings and facilities will be open to the public at 100% capacity with no additional requirements.  He further stated that the public will have the ability to choose if they wear a mask or not in county buildings.   

Brushy Creek is a very diverse community with citizens holding varying viewpoints and life experiences. With respect to all viewpoints, we will be strongly encouraging our patrons and customers to continue to wear face masks, but allowing individuals to make their personal choices on this matter.

For the past year, we have received a lot of feedback on this subject.  As a tax payer funded organization, we are focused on serving our customers. Our actions will continue to implement all of the COVID-19 safety measures we implemented in 2020.  These measures include all staff members wearing face masks, offering socially distanced workout options within the Community Center, continuing electrostatic spraying of the weight room and other areas throughout the day, encouraging social distancing in common areas, and asking patrons to monitor their health status prior to entering District facilities.

We are in this together.  Our most fervent hope is that people will be respectful to each other and to our Brushy Creek team members as we enjoy opportunities to share The Brushy Creek Life with each other. 

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