Sports & Fitness Activities : Gym Schedule

Gym Schedule

Notes Regarding Open Gym

  • Either half or full court based on demand, may be used by any member or guest. 
  • All non-members must pay for a guest pass. 
  • Please be respectful and caring of others who wish to share the space. 
  • BC Camp Activities take priority over open Gym.  
  • Youth Basketball Practices begin the week of June 27th
  • Adult:  16+ years of age
  • Court 1:  Front half of the Gym
  • Court 2:  Back half of the Gym

The Gym Schedule is subject to change at any time due to program needs (i.e., Youth Sports, Camps, Rentals, etc.)  If you have questions, comments, or requests, please contact:

   DJ Marek
   Sports & Fitness Supervisor
   (512) 255-7871 x225