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Flexible Fitness Pass

Try a fitness class!

The Flexible Fitness Pass is available for a one time purchase to both members and non-members and allows you to select and pay for individual classes. If you are a member, you can try a fee-based class with the pass. The Brushy Creek Flexible Fitness Pass is open to non-residents as well. 

The Flexible Fitness Pass can be used for: 

How do I purchase a Flexible Fitness Pass?

Flexible Fitness Passes may be purchased in the Customer Service Office located in the Brushy Creek Community Center and are open to members, non-members, residents, and non-residents.

Fee per 1 Class Visit*:

   $5 BCCC Member  | $6 BCMUD Resident  | $7 Non-Residents 

*The majority of classes only require one pass per visit.  Those which require two passes per visit are indicated on the Fitness Class Schedule with **.

Questions? Contact Customer Service at 512-255-7871 or

Need a full Membership? 

Brushy Creek offers a low-cost Community Center membership that includes a variety of daily fitness classes!