Solid Waste / Recycling Information : Solid Waste / Recycle Update - 2020

Solid Waste / Recycle Update

Please use the form below for your Solid Waste and Recycling requirements. Once you click the submit button below your request will be sent to the District's Customer Service Department and a Customer Service Representative will respond within one business day.

To add or remove additional carts, please check all that apply below:

96-Gallon Recycle Cart

96-Gallon Solid Waste Cart

Reason for Removal of Standard Issued

Please note the following:

* Standard Solid Waste & Recycling is $21.00 per month. (one 96-gallon waste cart and one 96-gallon recycle cart)

* Each additional Waste Cart is an additional $5.00 per month.

* Each additional Recycling Cart is an additional $5.00 per month.

* Existing services will be charged to the new resident as the prior account holder had set unless a written request is made.

*Removal of a standard solid waste cart requires management approval. Carts must be left at curb for removal.

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