3/16/2018 - Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

The following items plus other District business will be discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting on March 22, 2018. For more information view our Public Meeting Web Portal.

• Conduct Public Hearing on Licensing Requirements relative to the Standards of Care for Youth Programming
• Appoint member to Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
• Approve agreement with Coleman and Associates for services related to the sign design for Cat Hollow Park
• Approve Series Arbitrage Audit completed by Bank of New York for Series 2005,2010,2012, and 2013 Bonds and Revenue Note Series 2016
• Approve Board decorum guidelines and Code of Ethics
• Approve Order Declaring Property Surplus and Sale thereof
• Discuss Community Center Expansion project
• Discuss Community Center Parking Lot Improvements
• Discuss Fitness Class punch pass
• Discuss climbing wall hours
• Discuss Brushy Creek Life community events and activities
• Discuss Youth Standards of Care
• Discuss Sendero Springs Pool shade repair and lighting improvements
• Discuss naming of Park located in Sendero Springs Section 7
• Discuss Community Park Playground Equipment
• Discuss January FY18 Financials
• Discuss potential sale of District land

Board Meeting Packets