8/10/2017 - Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Board Meeting Highlights

The following items plus other District business will be discussed at the Board of Directors' meeting on August 10, 2017. For more information view our Public Meeting Web Portal.

• Approve RRISD agreement for bus transportation
• Discuss agreement with MRB for engineering services related to improvements to maintenance yard
• Discuss 2017 Hairy Man Festival
• Discuss Community Center Expansion Project related to Change Proposal #27 and receive project update
• Discuss F&18 draft budget
• Discuss adoption of 2017 tax year proposed tax rates
• Discuss Department Charters
• Discuss 2017 Pay Rate Study
• Discuss Order relating to annual review of Investment Policy and Investment Strategies
• Discuss potential sale of District Lane located at Great Oaks and O’Connor

Board Meeting Packets