1/14/2013 - 01/27 Cook-Off Kick-Off Party

Cook-Off Kick-Off Party

The 6th annual Brushy Creek Backyard Barbeque Cook-off & Spring Festival is right around the corner, Saturday, April 20th.  This event takes place in your backyard at the Community Park next to the Brushy Creek Community Center. 

The Cook-off is sanctioned by the International Barbeque Association and attracts some experienced cooks, but our goal is to have this fun filled event be community centered and full of neighborhood grill masters showing off their skills.

Does the idea of a sanctioned event chill your grill?  Don’t let that keep you from competing with your neighbors for bragging rights for the best barbeque in Brushy Creek.  Come on down to the Cook-off Kick-off!

Brushy Creek is holding its first annual Cook-off Kick-off Party on January 27th from 3-5pm at the Community Center.  One of our own residents and cook-off competitor since 2009 will be grillin’, chillin’ and answerin’ your questions. Learn how to present your cooking concoctions to satisfy the judge’s expectations. Staff members who have been a part of the Cook-off since we started six years ago will also be available for more ideas. 

So come join us – for a delicious sample of BBQ, refreshments, and more!

For more details on the cook-off or to download a registration form, click here.

Feel free to show up or you can RSVP by sending Betsy Schultz an e-mail at b.schultz@bcmud.org